How You Serve Your Community By Disposing Your Used Vans

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By the time you walk through the reception area of your local medical practitioner to be tended to by him, you have an important role to play. You may have come across this message as you curiously thumbed your way through your social media messages on your favorite mobile device. By the time you are recuperating in your hospital bed, usually for not more than a few hours these days, you are an important member of the health services fraternity.

Because if you have seen this message, yes, even you can do a world of good. As you make your way through the medical center’s halls in your own wheelchair, as per hospital procedure and for insurance purposes, you can alert your hospital authorities that there is still an urgent need for used wheelchair vans. Of course, if you are an employee at a medical center, enjoying a well-deserved break in your staff canteen, then you can take immediate action.

There is renewed hope that your medical services provider has an excess of used wheelchair vans and other emergency services vehicles that it no longer needs. While arrangements are being made to purchase a new fleet, the paperwork can be arranged to turn over that old fleet as well. The service providers are, however, more than happy to pay you a price if you are concerned and focused on retaining your center’s bottom line.

You could always do your bit for charity. Because the poor folks that need those vans the most have no bottom line to speak of. More than likely, their medical requirements are a lot more urgent than yours, so it would be usually appreciated if you could give this message your immediate attention.

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